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Sex The Hard Way Starring Jennifert Noxt, Keli Richards, Rachek Ryan, Tiffany Blake
An action-packed story of fast women, easy money and all of the decadent thriss that the gambling world is famous for. A high roller (Peter North) owes repeated successes at the track and gaming tables to his infallible head for figures, especially the soft girlish kind! This is amply proven by his sensuous wife (Penny Morgan) who doesn't nag when he stays out late, but gets her own licks in with her sexy girlfriend (Tiffany Blake) instead. And Jennifer Noxt, who gets it on to the pounding of thoroughbred horses, as well as Keli Richards, who also falls prey to the gambler's seductive charms. Some think he's playing the odds; you'll see he's playing the broads, for all the hard-hitting power pumpage their young bodies can take.
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Frat House starring Lisa DeLeeuw, Aimee Leigh, Tawny Pearl, Turk Lyon
The frat house guys want to live out all their fantasies before they graduate. Written and directed by the legendary Sven Conrad, Frat House takes on a wild, sex filled trip through the great world of gorgeous school girls, young sluts and deviant fucking that will satisfy your urges. The Guys compete against each other in the process of attracking as many pussies as possible. This is The Animal House of porn. Hurry up and get a taste before graduation!
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Little Me & Marla Strangelove starring Nancy Hoffman, Christine Carr, Dianne Dale, Sandy Dempsey
This older coming of age film is the greatest role in the carrer of porn great Nancy Hoffman. As the innocent Little Me she is drawn into a series of sexually explicit situation with the gorgeious sexually intelligent Marla Strangelove
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Pastries Starring Uschi Digart, Barbara Mills, Sandy Dempsey, Mindy Brandt
Pastries is Ushi Digart at her ver best! She turns on every cock she encounters and satisfies every man with her soft tongue, tight throat and voluptuous ass. Don't miss this soft face whore, she is the one you've been waiting for.
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Busines As Usual Starring Arcadia Lake, Heather Young, Veri Knotty, Michelle Lane
Service employees improve their company morale in this raunchy take on workplace sex. From an office facial to a lesbian wet dream, Busines as Usual proves that this film is anything but!
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